GTI enhances traditional perimeter security by adding a cyber version of RADAR to detect and interdict incoming threats early in the cyber kill chain as they reach the perimeter but before they penetrate the defenses. Threats are identified, analyzed and classified and the threat is mitigated or blocked in real time. Threat data is immediately shared with the members of the community.

Extensible Active Defense within a Secured Collaborative Environment

  • Real time threat detection and enrichment with rapid and thorough analysis of IOCs, environmental and geographic factors
  • Rapidly mitigate or block multiple distributed threats
  • Securely send IOCs, analysis and threat responses to the entire eco-system of interconnected parties
  • Provide a Protective umbrella over the entire ecosystem

Distributed Netflow Capture In Front of the Enterprise and Third Party

  • Develop Real-time actionable bad actor Intelligence from distributed NetFlow sensors deployed in front of Enterprise & 3rd Parties
  • Collecting distributed Netflow data without capturing packet payloads will not compromise sensitive network traffic
  • Provides comprehensive view of threat landscape
  • Protects Edges of Network
  • Identify and Share early in the kill chain before breach
  • Complements/Strengthens Perimeter Solutions
  • Easy Deployment/Integration

Real-time Threat Detection and Enrichment

  • Enrichment is done in the sensor - enables off-the-wire detection
  • Recognizing bad actor’s reconnaissance signatures (patterns), alerting on them, tracing them back to the origin
  • Integration of proprietary, vendor, and public threat feeds
  • Analysis via Advanced Algorithms & Machine Learning
  • Integration with other threat detection products
  • Threat alerts are generated via actionable GUI
  • Real-time data visualization of threat context including geo location, duration, data volume, IP, ports, ASN, application, and >250 protocols
  • Delegating campaigns and the associated information to different analyst’s stations for review and further prosecution