Multi-Layer Encryption Software

  • Only encryption solution that replicates the NSA standards for National Security Systems (NSS) built entirely out of software
  • The first secure communications and Micro-Segmentation software to be certified by UL Cyber Assurance Program 2900
  • Rigid adherence to NIST US Cybersecurity Framework
  • Accessible via an application on any device
  • Blocks/cloaks IP visibility (no public IP address, no “call home,” no public DNS and no forced reliance on public Certificate Authority)
  • Implementable as an image, so is highly scalable and affordable

Community of Trust Enclave Applications

  • Bundled with GTI to enable secure information sharing with 3rd parties
  • Enables Highly Secure Communication:
    • Voice, Video, XMPP messaging, Data, File sharing
    • Any Device including (BYOD) and any operating system
  • Wrap sensitive data and applications in a secure private Enclave within the Enterprise network
  • Enables dynamic deployment of secure environments for teams, a division, network and between enterprises and third parties
  • Secure environments enable cyber maturity standard of NIST CSF Tier 3

Traps Exfiltration and Prevents Lateral Movement

  • Traps exfiltration of sensitive data
  • Stops lateral movement within the CoT private network
  • Traffic from all the edge devices inside the CoT is policed
  • Anomalous or suspicious traffic is captured
  • Prevents viruses, trojans and malware from calling out