Our Agreements

  • Community of Trust provides a standard contract “Master” that is used for all Community of Trust owners and interconnected counterparties.
  • Addenda to the Master requires Officer certification of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) maturity level required by the Community of Trust owner and each interconnected counterparty.
  • Addenda to the Master is used to indicate the Cyber Insurance threshold requirements for each interconnected counterparty, required by the Community of Trust Owner.
  • Addenda to the Master is used to name the Community of Trust Owner as additional insured by each interconnected counterparty with a threshold minimum as required by the Community of Trust Owner.
The following document is an overview of our 2017 Master Agreements.
Agreement Overview

Community of Trust initiates a flywheel effect

  • Requires the Community of Trust owner and every interconnected counterparty to meet the requirements of the Master Agreement.
  • Requires Community of Trust owners to consult with competing underwriters to guide the Community of Trust owner to shape the Master’s Addenda enabling them to price the risk more efficiently and effectively.
  • Enables insurers to compete to originate and syndicate the risk that is defined by the Master agreement, governing the owner’s Community of Trust.
  • Enables the insured to potentially unlock regulatory capital allocated to cyber risk and enable regulatory bodies to promote a market-based, economically driven strategy versus a costly regulatory compliance regimen.

Access effective and efficiently priced cyber insurance

The single defect preventing the development of accessible and efficiently priced cybersecurity insurance is the absence of a standard contract structure that would enable the efficient pricing of risk and ultimately broad adoption of prudent cybersecurity requirements within your interconnected ecosystem. To begin to solve this problem we have developed a suite of standardized contracts that will enable cybersecurity insurance providers to begin to uniformly mitigate risks in the underwriting process. By enabling cyber risk to become more transparent and creating liquidity by virtue of the standard contract structure, Community of Trust enables broad syndication of risk. And, ultimately market-driven adoption of requirements, such as all interconnected counterparties meeting NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) maturity thresholds and being reasonably insured themselves.

The following document is the U.S. NIST Cybersecurity Framework 1.0.
Cybersecurity Framework

Benefits for Businesses and Financial Institutions

Community of Trust enables a business or financial institution to proceed immediately with a market-based approach to measure, mitigate and manage systemic cyber risk using familiar financial risk management processes. Community of Trust enables financial institutions to access more effective and efficiently priced cybersecurity insurance. Community of Trust enables financial institutions to potentially unlock regulatory capital allocated to cyber risk.

The following document is a mapping of the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (Assessment) to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
FFIEC to CSF Mapping

Benefits for Insurers

Community of Trust standard contracts enable fungibility and a frictionless, systematic syndication of risk. Community of Trust standard contracts enable the creation of financial instruments that enable the intermediation of risk by traditional financial market participants. Community of Trust requirements for interconnected counterparty compliance systemically improves cyber health and enables underwriting velocity, creating accelerated adoption of a prudent cybersecurity posture.

The following document is an overview of Insurer benefits.
Insurer Overview

About Us

We work around the clock and around the world—always ready, always on to respond to the needs of our clients. With local representatives in 28 regional offices across North America, Europe, Asia and Middle East Reprivata has the capability to service clients around the globe. We craft powerful Community of Trust solutions for clients ranging from established, global Fortune 100 companies to enterprising startups. Our management team has experience developing national exchange networks and compliance frameworks, new derivative markets, national network infrastructure, nation state cybersecurity defense systems and national cybersecurity frameworks.

Additional Features and Capabilities

We have a few essential components that enable our business to serve you in the most effective and efficient way possible. Some of these components are discussed below.


Reprivata's Master Agreement clearing and settlement system (Beta) is implemented on a distributed ledger using blockchain technology.

OTC Like Agreements

Our Master Interconnection Agreement mirrors that of an Over-the-Counter Swap agreement.

Ongoing Legal Support

Participants receive legal opinions on the development, management and enforceability of the Community of Trust Master Agreements.

UL Certified

Our secure transport technology is the only technology that has been certified by Underwriter’s Laboratory (“UL”) Cyber Assurance Program.

UL Certificate


We work with the American Banking Association and U.S. regulators to craft our solutions.

Comments: Enhanced Cyber Risk Management Standards (Docket No. R-1550; RIN 7100-AE 61; Docket ID OCC-2016-0016; RIN 3064-AE45)




Our staff has deep experience in secure financial services network development, deployment of nation-state cybersecurity defense systems and network security software development.

UL Security Report

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