Reprivata’s Community of Trust

Enables the dynamic implementation of COLLECTIVE DEFENSE and DEFENSE IN DEPTH across any organization’s Interconnected Third Parties (“I3Ps”)

  • Enterprises may have good perimeter defense, but bad actors continuously probe for vulnerabilities.
  • If the Enterprise is secure, bad actors probe for backdoors at interconnected third parties, where most breaches originate.
  • Once a breach occurs, bad actors move undetected and exfiltrate sensitive data.
  • Reprivata adds a cyber version of RADAR to detect incoming threats as they reach the perimeter but before they penetrate the defenses.
  • Reprivata’s Community of Trust (“CoT”) combines technology, policies and contracts to enable extensible active defense, global threat visibility and real-time information sharing for improved cybersecurity for all members of the Community.

What We Offer

Extensible Active Defense within a Secured Collaborative Environment

  • Community-wide Situational Awareness and Visibility
  • Real-time Threat Detection and Interdiction Early in the Cyber Kill Chain
  • Rapid Sharing of Curated Threat Data and Responses Community-wide
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Enhance Defense in Depth via Micro-Segmentation & Zero-Trust Network

  • Employs First Encryption Software Certified by UL CAP 2900
  • Complies with NSA CNS Algorithm Suite (BYOD)
  • Dynamically Create Secure Communities of Interest of Any Size
  • Prevents Unauthorized Lateral Movement and Traps Data Exfiltration
  • Enables Secure Communication on Major Devices and Operating Systems
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Extensible Cybersecurity Architecture

  • Defines Collaboration and Information Sharing Policies
  • Based on Risk Management and Cybersecurity Frameworks
  • Standardized Cyber-Focused Agreements to Define and Bound Risk
  • Implementable at Department, Division, Enterprise and Communities of Interest
  • Complies with Geographic and Jurisdictional Privacy Policies
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